Zambworth investment & business promotion is an investment agency that finds and matches new investment opportunities, provides vital information about the conditions, procedures, helps in the making of investment deals and better options of investment activities in Zambia and in other parts of Southern Africa. Zambworth was established in February, 10th of 2018, due to the increase in insterest to invest in Zambia from various investors of all sectors. Therefore, the establishment of Zambworth investment and business promotion is to help our potential investors, with the best option of investment activities. Zambworth has business exclusively serving all forms of organizations. We understand the needs of our clients and our experience and expertise is extended out to many different sectors of business namely: mining, manufacturing, construction, agriculture, health, Information Communication and Technology (ICT), general business and other different forms of investments. If you need an experienced, result oriented, and reliable investment, Zambworth will help you to make the right investment choice.


Customer satisfaction is our key priority at Zambworth Investment. Ensuring, that our potential investors are satisfied is our company key priority at Zambworth Investment. Our potential Investors are at length to participate in a brief satisfaction surveys in the host country upon completion of final investment so as to meet and exceed potential Investor’s expectations.


Our company’s one of the main aim is good reputation which is based on the quality of our service that we lend to our potential investors. Our company’s other aim is commitment base on creating professional relationships with our potential investors and other clients with the aim to help them achieve their specific need. All co-workers in our company have a very good command of both English and Russian languages and average in Chinese languages. That means that you don’t have to worry about the language barrier, you can ask your questions asked in your native language.


Our company functions:

* We provide advice on investment priorities for potential investors to invest in the Republic of Zambia and other parts of Southern Africa;

* We spear head new investment opportunities for our potential investors; market entry partnership and provide business strategy on where to best invest;

* We help in the introduction to key government contacts and private potential business partners in Joint investment Partnership and in the acquiring the majority Shareholding stake in Zambia;

* We plan and facilitate investment business visits to Zambia and provide the needed advice and guidance on Zambia’s local culture, customs, rules and laws, regulations and procedures that aid the decision of new investment and other business activities;

* We provide links to reach final agreement on business partnership with the government and other business entities.

Our Vision: To be the client’s most reliable source provider of investment opportunities, the company that best understands and satisfies its client’s needs.

Our Mission statement: To provide our clients with reliable and excellent services, good business deals via investment opportunity links to the government and other potential investment business partnerships.















Ali has spent over seven years in investment management and financial services working with high-net worth individuals to develop and implement investment strategies based on a careful analysis of each client’s individual objectives and risk targets. 

Prior to have founded Zambworth investment and business promotion, also graduated from the Universities below:

Ali C. Tanda

Founder and C.E.O

Nationality: Zambian


PhD in Finance, Monetary Circulation and Credit (Saint-Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics, Russia);

MSc in Corporate Finance (Saint-Petersburg State University of Finance and Economics, Russia);

BSc in Economics and Banking (Saint-Petersburg State University of Economics, Russia)


Phone: +7 952-829-53-71

Ostrovskogo street, 79a-18 Gelendghik, RUSSIA  |   +7 952-829-53-71

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