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Zambworth investment promotion agency works to attract private and foreign direct investments and strengthen local businesses through research and promotion. The site offers an economic overview of Zambia and provides a list of investment incentives for doing business in Zambia and in the parts of Southern Africa. Also included in the site are sector overviews of investment options that provide detailed information about Zambia's industries and the investment opportunities associated with them. Provided by  Zambworth Investment and Business Promotion Agency, invest in Zambia serves as an important resource for potential investors wishing to do business in Zambia and the Southern Africa. The overall economic, political, social, and infrastructure information is outlined by the site as well as a country profile. The investment opportunities section provide information regarding Zambia's most popular industries to invest in, such as: Mining, Agriculture, Information Technology and Communication (ITC), Energy, etc. There are also dedicated sections of reasons to invest in Zambia, processes of starting a business, and success stories. 


We are an international Investment Promotion and Facilitation Agency of Zambia and other countries that act as the ideal place of reference for investors in Zambia and elsewhere.

In regard to the above mentioned information, as Zambworth investment promotion and facilitation agency, Invest in Zambia focuses on specific-sector of investor’s interest and development of new partnerships, making of great business deals to enable sustainable investments not only in Zambia but also elsewhere.


Location: Located in the Southern African Sub-region, Zambia is a land-linked country bordered by the Democratic Republic of Congo, Tanzania, Angola, Namibia, Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Botswana.
oordinates: The country is situated between latitude 8 and 18 degrees East and longitude 22 and 34 degrees south. The mean altitude is about 1200 meters above sea level.
Capital City: Lusaka
Land Surface Area: 752, 000 Km2
Climate: Zambia’s geographical position and high altitude provides the country with sub-tropical vegetation and climatic conditions.
Population: 15.8 million people, of whom 39% live in urban areas. The annual population growth rate is 2.8%, with a population density of 17.3 persons per square kilometer.
Independence: 24th October 1964 (from the United Kingdom)
Political and Legal System: A multi-party democratic system of governance with separation of power between the three arms of the Government: the Legislature (parliament), Executive (cabinet) and Judiciary (courts of law).
The President (who must belong to a registered political party), the Vice President (a running mate of the president) and Members of Parliament are directly elected by the people. The president appoints Cabinet Ministers from elected and nominated Members of Parliament.
Parliament, headed by the Speaker of the National Assembly, comprises 166 elected members and up to 8 members nominated by the president. The Supreme Court is the highest court of appeal and is headed by the Chief Justice.

Adult Literacy Rate: 68 percent
Spoken Languages: English (official language), other main local languages are Bemba, Lozi, Lunda, Luvale, Nyanja and Tonga. There are about 70 other indigenous languages and dialects that are spoken throughout Zambia.
Religion: Christianity is the largest faith group. Minority faith groups are Muslims and Hindus. The Republican Constitution recognizes Zambia as a Christian nation
Natural Resources: Copper, cobalt, coal, emeralds, gold, water, wildlife and timber.
Time Zone: Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +2 hours
Business Hours: Official business hours for Government are from 08:00 – 13:00 hours and 14:00-17:00 hours from Monday to Friday. Private Sector business hours vary, and may include weekends for service sector operators.


DECEMBER 26, 2018

A) The Partner acquires the majority Shareholding stake of sixty (60) percent and pays us ten million United States Dollars (USD$10 Million) for the Shares;
b) We retain forty percent of the Shareholding stake with two (2) colleagues who are Directors in the Company;
C) The investment Partner injects an additional thirty million United States Dollars (USD$ 30 Million) as working Capital to acquire Machinery, Equipment and other logistical requirements;
D) Annual Gross Return: will depend on the production capacity that will be put in place i.e. extraction, processing and smelting for the ore to be exported. At the current rate of USD $7,000 per metric ton of Copper, you can even export either copper or cobalt worth USD $10 Million. By the way, cobalt stands at USD $80,000 per ton at the moment. There is even the presence of a bit of gold in the area.

DECEMBER 26, 2018



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